At ibm canada 26 percent of those in senior

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Unformatted text preview: nizations are adopting diversity as part of their corporate strategy in order to improve their competitiveness in global markets. Another study found that organizations with more gender-diverse management teams have superior financial performance.22 At IBM, diversity is embedded in the overall strategy, business goals, and policies toward employees and the company is now regarded as a leader in workplace diversity. At IBM Canada, 26 percent of those in senior leadership positions are held by women, and one-third of employees are women23 The Bank of Montreal also believes that building a diverse workforce that reflects the communities and individuals it serves and giving all employees equal opportunities to reach their career goals is its greatest competitive advantage. Stereotypes and Workforce Diversity If there is a single concept that serves as a barrier to valuing diversity, it is the stereotype. Let us examine several workplace stereotypes and their consequences. Common workplace stereotypes are based on gender, age, race, and ethnici...
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