At its manufacturing plant in san diego

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Unformatted text preview: condhand opinion. Train people to be aware of stereotypes. Training is the most widely used tool for instituting the management of diversity. Most training begins by illustrating the value of diversity and increasing the awareness of stereotypes. Among the many companies that have made extensive use of such training are McDonnell Douglas, Hewlett-Packard, and BC Hydro. McDonnell Douglas has a program (“Woman-Wise and Business Savvy”) focusing on gender differences in work-related behaviours. It uses same-gender group meetings and mixed-gender role plays. At its manufacturing plant in San Diego, HewlettPackard conducted training on cultural differences between Anglo-Americans and Mexican, Indochinese, and Filipinos. Much of the content focused on cultural differences in communication styles.48 BC Hydro has an Aboriginal Cross-Cultural Awareness Program that focuses on building relationships. BC Hydro’s transmission lines cross more than 500 aboriginal reserves, so employees need to be aware of aboriginal rights, customs, an...
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