B1 b6 another perceptual error that is frequently

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Unformatted text preview: nks. As well, some of the company’s most important businesses are run by female vice-presidents and general managers, and they continue to rise through the ranks. Women now represent 31 percent of general managers. The company’s highest ranking woman, a senior vice-president, became the first woman on P&G’s executive committee. In addition, the company was singled out by a women’s advocacy group as one of the best companies for promoting women. The high turnover rate of women has also dropped and is now on par with that of men, and internal P&G surveys show women’s job satisfaction is up 25 percent. Source: Excerpted from Parker-Pope, T. (1998, September 9). Inside P&G, a pitch to keep women employees. The Wall Street Journal, p. B1, B6. Another perceptual error that is frequently committed by performance raters is called the halo effect.69 The halo effect occurs when the observer allows the rating of an individual on one trait or characteristic to colour the ratings on other traits or characteristics. For example,...
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