But maybe just maybe the reassignment did affect me

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Unformatted text preview: it early in the morning, figuring your clients don’t do business before 10 anyway. 98 Individual Behaviour Adams: Yeah, I prefer things simple. I think it’s more in line with the company’s new efficiency image. We want the customers to realize we’re always on our toes, right? work—you know, good old-fashioned effort. Come on now, Jack, have you been giving it your best shot? Are you sure there isn’t something personal going on? Everything okay at home? I’m just trying to be helpful—open up a little bit. No Bill, this time is just fine. [Looks around the office.] You’ve made some changes in here since Mike (Jack Adams’s former sales manager) changed jobs. Squire: Part Two Adams: [quietly] Sure thing. At this point, Bill Squire got up from his chair and walked to a table nearby and poured himself a glass of water. Returning to his desk, he picked up the computer printout lying in front of him. Squire: [clearing his voice] Well, Jack, we better get to it, right? What I...
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