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Central traits often have a very powerful influence

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Unformatted text preview: round his intellectual abilities, and the established engineer might not use this trait as a central factor in forming impressions of the people she meets at a party. Central traits often have a very powerful influence on our perceptions of others. Physical appearance is a common central trait in work settings that is related to a variety of job-related outcomes. Research shows an overwhelming tendency for those who are “attractive” to also be perceived as “good,” especially when it comes to judgments about their social competence, qualifications, and potential job success.4 In general, research shows that conventionally attractive people are more Central traits. Personal characteristics of a target person that are of particular interest to a perceiver. Attractiveness Pays Off, But It Pays Off Better for Men Consistent with evidence that physical attractiveness is related to obtaining employment and promotion, more attractive employees also have been found to enjoy more economic success in their careers. A recent study looked at...
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