Could be expected to tell a customer who tried to

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Unformatted text preview: ee to reline a coat for a customer who wants a new coat because the lining had worn out in “only” two years. Could be expected to courteously exchange a pair of gloves that are too small. Could be expected to handle the after-Christmas rush of refunds and exchanges in a reasonable manner. Could be expected to make a refund for a sweater only if the customer insists. Could be expected to be quite abrupt with customers who want to exchange merchandise for a different colour or style. Could be expected to tell a customer that a “six-week-old” order could not be changed even though the merchandise had actually been ordered only two weeks previously. Could be expected to tell a customer who tried to return a shirt bought in Hawaii that a store in the States had no use for a Hawaiian shirt. Chapter 3 the manager’s Notebook 93 Perception, Attribution, and Judgment of Others Changing Perceptions and Keeping Women at Procter & Gamble Co. 1. Perceptions were very much an important factor contributing to the turnover problem at Procter & Gamble. First, female employee...
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