Diversity of perspectives and less emphasis on

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Unformatted text preview: g Argument For multinational organizations, the insight and cultural sensitivity that members with roots in other countries bring to the marketing effort should improve these efforts in important ways. The same rationale applies to marketing to subpopulations within domestic operations. 4. Creativity Argument Diversity of perspectives and less emphasis on conformity to norms of the past (which characterize the modern approach to management of diversity) should improve the level of creativity. 5. Problem-Solving Argument Heterogeneity in decision and problem solving groups potentially produces better decisions through a wider range of perspectives and more thorough critical analysis of issues. 6. System Flexibility Argument Source: Cox, T. H., & Blake, S. (1991, August). Managing cultural diversity: Implications for organizational competitiveness. Academy of Management Executive, 47, 45–56. 1. Cost Argument An implication of the multicultural model for managing diversity is that the system will become less determinant, less standardized, and therefore more fluid. The increased fluidity should create greater flexibility to react to environm...
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