During the last decade the company has set aggressive

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Unformatted text preview: physically isolated but among the fastest-growing in North America, and 80 percent of the customers are of aboriginal origin. The company has been promoting and implementing diversity management for more than 10 years, placing emphasis on encouraging higher levels of aboriginal representation and involvement at all levels in the company. Today, the North West Company is the largest employer of aboriginal people in Canada outside of the Federal Government and is the largest private-sector employer of aboriginal people in North America, including almost 25 percent in management positions. During the last decade, the company has set aggressive targets for hiring aboriginal people and moving them into management positions. The key to the company’s success in managing diversity can be found in six building blocks that align the business with the needs of the market and that ensure that the company’s goals for diversity are achieved. For example, the People First program is designed to help the company achieve its targets for aboriginal participation. The first priority was to ensure that everyone in t...
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