Experiential exercise beliefs about older workers the

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Unformatted text preview: e four basic types of managerial activities described in Chapter 1 (i.e., routine communication, traditional management, networking, and human resource management) can influence employees’ perceptions of trust and organizational support. How should managers perform each of these activities in order to improve employees’ perceptions of trust and organizational support? 4. Use Bruner’s perceptual model (Exhibit 3.3) to explain why performance appraisals and interviewers’ judgments are frequently inaccurate. Experiential Exercise 5. Discuss how perceptions of organizational support can influence employees’ attitudes and behaviour. What can organizations do to develop positive perceptions of organizational support? The following items are an attempt to assess the attitudes people have about older workers. The statements cover many different opposing points of view; you may find yourself agreeing strongly with some of the statements, disagreeing just as strongly with others, and perhaps feeling uncertain about others. 6. Suppose an employee does a pa...
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