Explain why a gender or racial stereotype might be

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Unformatted text preview: e accuracy of perceptions in the employment interview, and behaviourally anchored rating scales can improve performance appraisals. 95 process that this person’s manager will use to form judgments about this poor performance. Be sure to discuss how the manager will use consistency, consensus, and distinctiveness cues. 7. A study of small business failures found that owners generally cited factors such as economic depression or strong competition as causes. However, creditors of these failed businesses were much more likely to cite ineffective management. What attribution bias is indicated by these findings? Why do you think the difference in attribution occurs? 8. Discuss the factors that make it difficult for employment interviewers to form accurate perceptions of interviewees. Explain why a gender or racial stereotype might be more likely to affect a hiring decision than a performance appraisal decision. 9. Describe some of the things that an organization can do to remove the barriers to...
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