Finally as more aboriginal employees have become

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Unformatted text preview: involve aboriginal involvement at the highest levels of the company. For example, two members of the board are aboriginals who have experience in business, government, and public policy. These members are instrumental in helping the company develop recruitment, training, and compensation programs tailored to aboriginal people. In addition, the company also has a National Aboriginal Business Relations Council of seven aboriginal leaders from different regions of Canada. The council meets regularly with senior management to provide insights into regional issues and opportunities. As well, one of the seven vicepresidents of the company is aboriginal and the company hopes to have more aboriginal participation at this level in the future. Finally, as more aboriginal employees have become employed at The North West Company and have moved into management positions, the company has become an attractive place for aboriginal people to work and to pursue management opportunities. Therefore, the company now features success stories of aboriginal managers in their national recruiting programs. Sources: Excerpted from Kennedy, E. (1999, September/October). The North West Company: Making divers...
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