Five more minutes to go fifteen years with the

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Unformatted text preview: ate discussion, the instructor might have students write their score, age, and how often they come in contact with older workers (daily, several times a week, once a week, or monthly) on pieces of paper. Working in groups and using calculators, the class can compute the class average. On the basis of the distribution of age and contact with older workers in the class, create two age groups (young and older) and two contact with older worker groups (low and high), and calculate the average of these groups. Also, a distribution of the scores might be posted on the board. Source: Hassell, B. L., & Perrewe, P. L. (1995). An examination of beliefs about older workers: Do stereotypes still exist? Journal of Organizational Behavior, 16, 457–468. Case Incident Evaluating Gregory After six months in her new position as manager, Nina was faced with the task of having to conduct performance reviews of her staff. She was worried because she had never done performance reviews and was not sure how to do them. However, in order to ease her way into it, she decided to start wi...
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