Five years after graduation those of above average

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Unformatted text preview: the careers of 2,500 law students from a prestigious law school in the United States. An independent panel of raters rated the students’ appearance on a scale from one to five. Five years after graduation, those of above-average attractiveness were earning eight to nine percent more than those of below-average attractiveness. After 15 years, those of above-average appearance were earning 12 to 13 percent more. The research on attractiveness and salaries also suggests that attractiveness is more consistently related to economic success for men than for women. Roszell, Kennedy, and Grabb (1989) examined the relationship of attractiveness to income attainment for over 1,000 Canadians. Attractive persons earned higher annual salaries than less attractive persons. With each increase in rated attractiveness on a five-point scale of attractiveness, the 1981 annual income of the respondent increased by $1,988. After controlling for respondent gender, the gender composition of the job, and 1979 salary, this figure dropped to $1,046 but was still statistically significant. This...
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