For example until the organization conducted a survey

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Unformatted text preview: s perceived the organization as unconcerned, uncaring, and unwilling to promote them to management and executive positions. In the eyes of female employees, they were not valued by the organization. Certainly, the lack of women in management positions and the organization’s failure to do anything to advance their careers contributed to these perceptions. What is perhaps most interesting is how the organization perceived the loss of female employees as “regrettable” and how this very response “stunned” those who had left. There seems to be some inaccuracy in how female employees perceived the organization and how the organization perceived their female employees. For example, until the organization conducted a survey of female employees, there was a perception that they left P&G to spend more time with their families, leading one to suspect that female employees at P&G had been stereotyped in a way that prevented them from being promoted to management ranks. Thus, it would appear that inaccurate perceptions and gender stereo...
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