Gender age race and ethnic stereotypes are especially

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Unformatted text preview: instance of perception involves a perceiver, a target, and a situational context. The experience, needs, and emotions of the perceiver affect perception, as does the ambiguity of the target. 2. Bruner’s model of the perceptual process suggests that we are very receptive to cues provided by the target and the situation when we encounter an unfamiliar target. However, as we discover familiar cues, we quickly categorize the target and process other cues in a selective manner to maintain a consistent and constant picture of the target. When the target is a person, this drive for constancy and consistency is revealed in a number of specific perceptual biases, including primacy, recency, implicit personality theory, reliance on central traits, projection, and stereotyping. Gender, age, race, and ethnic stereotypes are especially problematic for organizations. 3. Attribution is the process of assigning causes or motives to people’s behaviour. The observer is often interested in determining whether...
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