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Gradually however the engineers performance

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Unformatted text preview: a special interest in observing his performance, which is good for several months. This increases the strength of her initial categorization. Gradually, however, the engineer’s performance deteriorates for some reason, and his work becomes less and less satisfactory. This is clear to everyone except the other engineer, who continues to see him as adequate and excuses his most obvious errors as stemming from external factors beyond his control. Bruner’s model demonstrates three important characteristics of the perceptual process. First, perception is selective. Perceivers do not use all the available cues, and those they use are thus given special emphasis. This means that our perception is efficient, and this efficiency can both aid and hinder our perceptual accuracy. Second, Bruner’s model illustrates that our perceptual system works to paint a constant picture of the target. Perceptual constancy refers to the tendency for the target to be perceived in the same way over time or across situations. We hav...
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