If you perceive your pay to be very low you might

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Unformatted text preview: y that their perceptual system provides, rather than on reality itself. If you perceive your pay to be very low, you might seek employment in another firm. The reality—that you are the best-paid person in your department—will not matter if you are unaware of the fact. However, to go a step further, you might be aware that you are the best-paid person and still perceive your pay as low in comparison with that of the CEO of the Bank of Montreal or your ostentatious next-door neighbour. Some of the most important perceptions that influence organizational behaviour are the perceptions that organizational members have of each other. Because of this, we will concentrate on person perception in this chapter. Components of Perception Perception has three components—a perceiver, a target that is being perceived, and some situational context in which the perception is occurring. Each of these components influences the perceiver’s impression or interpretation of the target (Exhibit 3.1). Perceiver —E...
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