Implicit personality theories implicit personality

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Unformatted text preview: e evaluations, and promoted.5 More attractive people are also more likely to be paid more, as discussed in “Research Focus: Attractiveness Pays Off, But It Pays Off Better for Men.” Implicit Personality Theories Implicit personality theories. Personal theories that people have about which personality characteristics go together. Each of us has an implicit personal “theory” about which personality characteristics go together. These are called implicit personality theories. Perhaps you expect hardworking people to also be honest. Perhaps you feel that people of average intelligence tend to be most friendly. To the extent that such implicit theories are inaccurate, they provide a basis for misunderstanding.6 The employee who assumes that her very formal boss is also insensitive might be reluctant to discuss a work-related problem with him that could be solved fairly easily. Projection Projection. The tendency for perceivers to attribute their own thoughts and feelings to others. In the abse...
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