In addition interviewers and performance raters

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Unformatted text preview: rs can use a number of tactics, including training, to combat stereotypes and to manage diversity. 7. Perceptions of trust involve a willingness to be vulnerable and to take risks with respect to the actions of another party. Trust perceptions toward management are based on perceptions of ability, benevolence, and integrity. Perceived organizational support refers to perceptions about how much an organization values an individual’s contribution and cares about his/her well-being. Perceptions of trust and organizational support influence employees’ attitudes and behaviour. 8. Judging the suitability of job applicants in an interview and appraising job performance are especially difficult perceptual tasks, in part because the target is motivated to convey a good impression. In addition, interviewers and performance raters exhibit a number of perceptual tendencies that are reflected in inaccurate judgments, including contrast effects, leniency, harshness, central tendency, halo, and similar-to-me effects. Structured interviews can improve th...
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