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Unformatted text preview: Magna International Louise Wending SVP & General Manager Costco Wholesale Canada Nancy Southern Co-CEO & Co-Chair ATCO Irene Rosenfeld President & Group VP. Kraft Canada Kathy Bardswick CEO & President Co-Operators Gen. Ins. Kathy Bardswick CEO & President Co-Operators Life Ins. Linda Hasenfratz CEO & President Linamar Heather Reisman CEO & Chair Indigo Books & Music Michelle Carinici CEO & President Atlantic Lottery Beth Horowitz President & General Manager Amex Bank of Canada Catherine Hughes President Schlumberger Canada Barb Leavitt President Baxter Janice Tomlinson Chair Chubb Ins. Co. of Canada is similar to others that show that gender stereotypes tend to favour women when they are being considered for “women’s” jobs (such as secretary) or for “women’s” tasks (such as supervising other women).35 However, as shown in Exhibit 3.6, women continue to be underrepresented in senior level positions in Canadian organizations. In general, research suggests that the above findings are fairly typical. Women suffer from a stereotype that is d...
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