It is of short duration a lot of information is

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Unformatted text preview: s occur in the interview.67 This means that the applicants who have been interviewed earlier affect the interviewer’s perception of a current applicant, leading to an exaggeration of differences between applicants. For example, if the interviewer has seen two excellent candidates and then encounters an average candidate, she might rate this person lower than if he had been preceded by two average applicants (see Exhibit 3.8). This is an example of the impact of the situation on perception. It is clear that the interview constitutes a fairly difficult setting in which to form accurate impressions about others. It is of short duration, a lot of information is generated, and the applicant is motivated to present a favourable image. Thus, interviewers often adopt “perceptual crutches” that hinder accurate perception. Earlier, we noted that unstructured interviews are less valid than structured interviews where the interviewer scores the applicant’s responses to a predetermined series of questi...
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