Not surprisingly higher perceptions of management

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Unformatted text preview: employees perceive management as caring and concerned for their interests and willing to do good for them. Integrity refers to employee perceptions that management adheres to and behaves according to a set of values and principles that the trustor finds acceptable. The combination of these three factors influences perceptions of trust. Keeping in mind that trust refers to a willingness to be vulnerable to the actions of others, how trusting would you be if you perceived your boss to be incompetent, unconcerned about your welfare, and/or driven by a set of values that you find unacceptable? Not surprisingly, higher perceptions of management ability, benevolence, and integrity are associated with greater perceptions of trust. Trust. A psychological state in which one has a willingness to be vulnerable and to take risks with respect to the actions of another party. 88 Individual Behaviour Part Two Managing Diversity at the North West Company The North West Company is the main provider of food and everyday products and services to remote communities across northern Canada and Alaska. The company’s markets are...
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