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Unformatted text preview: ve got here is a printout of all sales personnel in my district for the past 12 months. Have you seen any of this information? Adams: Well, I’ve seem some of it and … Squire: [interrupting] Good, then you probably realize we’ve got a problem here. Over the past year your performance has been 18 percent below the quota that was established for you. You’re one of the four reps whose performance is poor. Thirteen other reps beat their quota. Have you had any problems that I’m not aware of? Jack Adams was now looking out a window beside Bill Squire’s desk. His palms were moist and his lips dry. He tried to put his thoughts together, but his mind just seemed to race. Squire: Jack, did …? Adams: Yeah, yeah—I heard you. [Folds his arms.] You know, Bill, you’re new to this district, and perhaps there is something you need to realize. I’ve worked for this company for 15 years and I think, if you check the records, I’ve always been a pretty good sales rep—no, I’d say one of the best. I work hard. I get along great with my customers and … Squire: Jack, now that you mention it, I had a complaint about you a co...
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