Such statements are so predictable in this situation

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Unformatted text preview: revealing more of his or her true motives. The informational effects of low-consensus behaviour are magnified when the actor is expected to suffer negative consequences because of the deviance. Consider the job applicant who makes favourable statements about the role of big business in society while being interviewed for a job at General Motors. Such statements are so predictable in this situation that the inter- Consensus cues. Attribution cues that reflect how a person’s behaviour compares with that of others. General Motors 78 Individual Behaviour Part Two viewer can place little confidence in what they really indicate about the candidate’s true feelings and motives. On the other hand, imagine an applicant who makes critical comments about big business in the same situation. Such comments are hardly expected and could clearly lead to rejection. In this case, the interviewer would be more confident about the applicant’s true disposition regarding big business. A corollary to this suggests th...
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