That conservative banker might actually be a weekend

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Unformatted text preview: e the fact that their occupational role and their employer dictate that they act conservatively. Second, many people whom we observe are seen in rather constrained, constant situations (at work, or at school) that reduce our appreciation of how their behaviour can vary in other situations. Thus, we fail to realize that the observed behaviour is distinctive to a particular situation. That conservative banker might actually be a weekend skydiver! The fundamental attribution error can lead to problems for the managers of poorly performing employees. It suggests that dispositional explanations for the poor performance will sometimes be made even when situational factors are the true cause. Laziness or low aptitude might be cited, while poor training or a bad sales territory are ignored. However, this is less likely when the manager has had actual experience in performing the employee’s job and is thus aware of situational roadblocks to good performance.15 Actor–Observer Effect. It is not surprising that actors and observers often view the causes for the actor’s behaviour very different...
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