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The changing employment pool is not the only factor

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Unformatted text preview: reflect their customer base—to better mirror their markets. This is especially true in the growing service sector, where contact between organizational members and customers is very direct. As discussed in the chapter opening vignette, the Bank of Montreal has been very active in developing programs to hire, develop, and promote visible minorities, women, aboriginal people, and disabled persons. The changing employment pool is not the only factor that has prompted interest in diversity issues. Globalization, mergers, and strategic alliances mean that many employees are required to interact with people from substantially different national or corporate cultures. Compounding all this is an increased emphasis on teamwork as a means of job design and quality enhancement. How can a diverse group of individuals work well together? Valuing Diversity In the past, organizations were thought to be doing the right thing if they merely tolerated diversity—that is, if they engaged in fair hiring and employment practices with respect to women and minorities. Firms were considered to be doing especially well if the...
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