This is ridiculous ive met this guy twice meanwhile

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Unformatted text preview: th Gregory. Gregory was a recent hire in her department, and Nina felt that he was the most attractive-looking guy she had hired since she became manager. She felt it would be easy to evaluate his performance. 1. Using Bruner’s model of the perceptual process, discuss how Nina’s perception of Gregory might influence her Case Study The Review Session Jack Adams’s mind wandered as he sat outside Bill Squire’s office awaiting his yearly performance review … Well, it’s 8:25. Five more minutes to go. Fifteen years with the company, and this new district manager, Squire, couldn’t even call and request this meeting personally. These annual performance appraisals are tough enough, and here I’ve got a bad sales record for the past 12 months. Surely he’ll be able to understand that the sales decreases were a result of the new territory assignments. Two major accounts taken away—not to mention all of the smaller ones. It took me years to develop those accounts and now someone else reaps the benefits. I know my capabilities, I work hard. Next thing you know, Sq...
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