This underrepresentation of women managers and

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Unformatted text preview: agerial and administrative jobs. Although women now occupy a significant and growing proportion of entry- and mid-level management positions, this is not the case for top-level positions, as women currently occupy less than 7 percent of executive positions.31 There is evidence that gender stereotypes are partially responsible for discouraging women from business careers and blocking their ascent to managerial positions. This underrepresentation of women managers and administrators happens because stereotypes of women do not correspond especially well with stereotypes of businesspeople or managers. As indicated in the chapter opening vignette, a major barrier to women’s advancement to managerial positions in the Bank of Montreal was myths about the company’s female employees. These myths have their basis in gender stereotypes. What is the nature of gender stereotypes? A series of studies has had managers describe men in general, women in general, and typical “successful middle managers.” These studies have determined that successful middle managers are perceived as h...
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