To be sure a critical motive is the basic fairness of

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Unformatted text preview: y assisted these people to “fit into” the mainstream corporate culture by “fixing” what was different about them.21 For example, women managers were sometimes given assertiveness training to enable them to be as hard-nosed and aggressive as their male counterparts! Recently, some have argued that organizations should value diversity, not just tolerate it or try to blend everyone into a narrow mainstream. To be sure, a critical motive is the basic fairness of valuing diversity. However, there is increasing awareness that diversity and its proper management can yield strategic and competitive advantages. These advantages include the potential for improved problem solving and creativity when diverse perspectives are brought to bear on an organizational problem, such as product or service quality. They also include improved recruiting and marketing when the firm’s human resources profile matches that of the labour pool and customer base (see Exhibit 3.5). The results of a recent study indicate that more orga...
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