When this happens the majority starts to look at

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Unformatted text preview: eaturing photographs of older people with the tag line, “Nobody has a shelf life. Stop age discrimination now.”46 Managing Diversity with Stereotype Reduction Given the prevalence of the stereotypes noted above, valuing diversity is not something that occurs automatically. Rather, diversity needs to be managed to have a positive impact on work behaviour. Management can use a number of strategies to help reduce the effects of workplace stereotypes and to manage diversity.47 ■ ■ ■ ■ Hewlett-Packard www.hewlettpackard.com BC Hydro www.bchydro.com Select enough minority members to get them beyond token status. When this happens, the majority starts to look at individual accomplishments, rather than group membership, because they can see variation in the behaviour of the minority. Encourage teamwork that brings minority and majority members together. Ensure that those making career decisions about employees have accurate information about them rather than having to rely on hearsay and se...
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