With regard to age the statistics showed that the age

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Unformatted text preview: tatistics was distributed to employees. With regard to age, the statistics showed that the age distribution of men and women in the bank was nearly equivalent. In response to the myth that women quit the company after having children, the statistics showed that women at all levels except senior management had longer overall service records than men. Regarding the myth that women are not educated enough to take top positions in the bank, the statistics showed that at nonmanagement and junior-management levels, more women had degrees than men. And in response to the myth that women don’t have “the right stuff,” the statistics indicated that a larger percentage of women than men at all levels received top performance ratings. Thus, contrary to the myths and stereotypes, the bank’s women employees were just as qualified for advancement as men in every respect. In addition to removing the stereotypes of the bank’s women employees, the action plan also included enhanced training, better posting of job vacancies, redesigned career development opportunities, job information counsellors to help employees determine their suitability for part...
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