Women account for 14 percent 752 of the 5361 top

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Unformatted text preview: soul inspires program. The Globe and Mail, C1; McFarland, J. (2003, March 13)., Reprinted with permission from The Globe and Mail and Marja Johne, a Toronto-based freelance writer. Individual Behaviour Part Two The number of women who hold senior level corporate positions in Canada is on the rise although progress has been slow and they still have a long way to go before there are representative numbers of women at the most senior levels. • Women account for 14 percent (752) of the 5,361 top corporate officer positions in Canada up from 12 percent in 1999. • In 2003, 62.2 percent of companies had at least one woman corporate office up from 56.4 percent in 1999. • In Canada, 33.3 percent of companies have more than one woman corporate officer compared to 66.6 percent in the United States. • At the highest levels of leadership, women hold 6.7 percent of the highest titles of president, CEO, chief operating officer, chairwoman, vice-chairwoman, executive vice-president, and senior executive vice-president compared to 3.4 percent in 1999. • Of the top 500 largest businesses in Canada, only 13 are led by women: Name Title Company Belinda Stronach CEO & President...
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