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Morgenthau Presentation - Tom Kadri and Catalina Zbar How...

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Tom Kadri and Catalina Zbar How do Hans J. Morgenthau and Carl Schmitt characterise the relationship between politics and morality in the conduct of foreign policy? Carl Schmitt Carl Schmitt was a prominent legal-scholar in post World War One Germany, and one of the leading intellectuals and authoritarian political thinkers during the Weimar period, known to be very controversial. Human Nature Schmitt had a negative view on human nature. His conception of human nature is the ultimate source of his ideas about politics. ‘All real political theories’ he holds, ‘presume the human being to be a “dangerous” and dynamic being. They ‘cannot take an anthropological “optimism” as their point of departure. By abolishing the possibility of an enemy they would also abolish any specifically political consequences. If human nature were good, in other words, the ‘Political’ would disappear. 1 Schmitt aligns himself with the Greeks in his insistence that politics be a response to the fragility and futility of human life 2 . Modernity and Liberalism He also claimed that the inquiry into the political was an inquiry into the “order of human things”. Politics is connected to morality because politics is in everything and if politics is in everything then it is in morality. Schmitt’s critique of liberalism relied upon the fact that it presented a very superficial definition of the political, taking away the idea of identity which politics brings about, and therefore ‘hiding’ any existing problems. Furthermore, when there is an emergency in a state only
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Morgenthau Presentation - Tom Kadri and Catalina Zbar How...

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