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2-5-14 Class Notes ENG 321 Grammar

Prep n myself another point that can be illustrated

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Unformatted text preview: bj. prep.) N myself Another point that can be illustrated with tree diagrams: Ambiguous sentences diagrams: I saw the man with a telescope. Is the man holding the telescope or see the man through the telescope? the See the man through See the telescope. the LVP (pred.) MV (MT) past saw NP (d.o.) Det. the N man PP P with NP Det. the N telescope See the man holding the See telescope. telescope. LVP (pred.) MV (MT) past saw NP (d.o.) NP Det. the PP N man P with NP (obj. prep.) Det. the N telescope For the next class For Do: Chapter 3, exercise 3 in the Workbook Do: (p.18) (p.18) We will go over the answers in class....
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