limitations to cosmopolitan

limitations to cosmopolitan - PEOPLES GENERAL ASSEMBLY...

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LIMITATIONS TO COS-DEM and GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP IDEAS GLOBAL CITZENSHIP ? WORLD GOVERNMENT OR GLOBAL CIVIL SOCIETY ? (NGOs, transnational movements). ALL OR SOME OF US ? competence, awareness of rights and duties (Held is clear on democratic credientials) CONFLICT OR COMPLEMENT NATIONAL CITIZENSHIP ? Are multiple loyalties possible? Scottish, Britsh, European, Global ? A CONTRADICTION IN TERMS? Citizenship, by definition, distinguishes between those who are / not entitled to protection / rights. A Contractural view of rights cannot accommodate cosmopolitanism. --------------------------------------------- U.N. REFORM PROPOSALS IN COSMOPOLITAN-DEMOCRACY TRADITION ELECTED 2ND ASSEMBLY
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Unformatted text preview: PEOPLES GENERAL ASSEMBLY NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION (NGO) ASSEMBLY WAR CRIMES TRIBUNALS Former Yugoslavia / Rwanda INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT Individual culpability in transnational crime terrorism, narcotics etc. U.Ns OWN FINANCIAL RESOURCES Carbon taxes/air travel levy? TNC taxation by UN? Tobin tax on currency trading? DBS charges, radio-wavelength auction/rental Sucessful transnational NGO campaigns Cosmopoltanism inaction. .? Land Mines campaign Whaling, (GP FoE) Ivory trade, WWF >CITES Nuclear testing, (GP) Debt-cancelation (Jubilee 2000, BOND, MPH)) Disasters relief (Band-Aid, Tsunami) Long term development (Oxfam) Human-rights, (Anti-Apartheid, disinvestments,)...
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limitations to cosmopolitan - PEOPLES GENERAL ASSEMBLY...

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