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Engbuffaloedu 105 vcm compare the breakdown voltages

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Unformatted text preview: http://jas.eng.buffalo.edu/ 105 V/cm, compare the breakdown voltages between the P-I-N structure and a P-N structure education/pin/pin2/index.html. (without the I region) with the doping levels shown above. ● Diffusion Equation ● 4.6 If interested, you can find more P-I-N diode examples at http://jas.eng.buffalo.edu/ Consider a piece of infinitely long semiconductor sample shown in Fig. 4–50. education/pin/pin2/index.html. Problem [3] [25 pts] [Exercise 4.11-Hu ] Consider an ideal, long base (length of the diode is Light much larger than the diffusion length), silicon, abrupt p+n junction diode with uniform cross section and constant doping on either side of the junction. The diode is made from a heavily doped p-type material and 0.5Ωcm n-type materials in which the minority carrier lifetime is τp=10-8 sec. Answer the following questions for the n side of the junctions only: (a) Calculate the density of minority carriers as a function of x (distance from the junction) when x 0 the...
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