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Unformatted text preview: , Martin Uecker1 , Umar Tariq2 , Albert Hsiao2 , Marcus T Alley2 , Shreyas S Vasanawala2 , Michael Lustig1 0 cm/s 100 cm/s Vector visualization 2 Origin Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, University of California, Berkeley, California. Department of Radiology, Stanford University, Stanford, California. Original 1 0 cm/s Running head: 4D Flow Denoising with Divergence-free Wavelet Transform Address correspondence to: Emitt from aorta Michael Lustig 506 Cory Hall University of California, Berkeley Alley courtesy, Frank Ong and Marcus 42 TEL: (510) 643-9338 0 cm/s 100 cm/s Noisy Flow Data Vector visualization M. Lustig, EECS UC Berkeley Berkeley, CA 94720 E-MAIL: [email protected] 0 cm/s Non-DivFree Thresh Only 41 Streamline visualization Divergence 160 cm/s Free Wavelets DFW Manual 2013, the annual Presented in Original 21st annual meeting of ISMRM, Salt Lake City, Utah, Threshold part at the Linear spline Φ0 Linear spline ψ0 Quadratic annual meeting of ISBI, San Quadratic spline California, 2013 and thespline ψ1 meeting of SCMR, San Francisco, Francisco, Φ1 Original a California, 2013. DivFree Wavelet Manual Threshold DivFree & Non-DivFree Thresh This work was supported by NIH grants P41RR09784, R01EB009690, American Heart Association 12BGIA9660006, and the Sloan Research Fellowship. Original b Approximate word count: 155 (Abstract) 4624 (body) Submitted to Magnetic Resonance in Medicine as a Full Paper. c Emitter plane from ascending aorta vx M. Lustig, EECS UC Berkeley 43 d vy vz FWT(vx) FWT(vy) Emitter plane from ascending aorta wcx wcx df1 Softthresh df1 (λdf) wcy Linear df2 Softthresh df2 Linear wcy Comb. (λdf) Comb. vx IWT(vx) M. Lustig, EECS UC Berkeley IWT(vy) vy vz 44 N DivFree & Non-DivFree Thresh Divergence-Free Wavelet Denoising Analysis plane M. Lustig, EECS UC Berkeley 45...
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