Further since all good things that are highly

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Unformatted text preview: as really our own, and therefore feeling that we deserve to have it. Further, since all good things that are highly honoured are objects of emulation, moral goodness in its various forms must be such an object, and also all those good things that are useful and serviceable to others: for men honour those who are morally good, and also those who do them service. So with those good things our possession of which can give enjoyment to our neighbours - wealth and beauty rather than health. We can see, too, what persons are the objects of the feeling. They are those who have these and similar things - those already mentioned, as courage, wisdom, public office. Holders of public office - generals, orators, and all who possess such powers - can do many people a good turn. Also those whom many people wish to be like; those who have many acquaintances or friends; those whom admire, or whom we ourselves admire; and those who have been praised and eulogized by poets or prose- writers. Persons of the contrary sort are objects of contempt: for t...
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