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Unformatted text preview: ollowing are key corporate assets? A) intellectual property, core competencies, and financial and human assets B) production technologies and business processes for sales, marketing, and finance C) knowledge and the firm'+s tangible assets, such as goods or services D) time and knowledge 61) Overproduction or underproduction of goods and services, misallocation of resources, and poor response times are the results of a firm'+s having A) poor relationships with suppliers. B) poor relationships with customers. C) inadequate information. D) a surplus of information. 62) A firm that must invest in new information systems capabilities in order to comply with federal legislation can be said to be investing to achieve which business objective? A) customer intimacy B) operational excellence C) survival D) improved reporting 63) Which of the following would NOT be used as an input for an information system? A) digital dashboard B) handheld computer C) bar- code scanner D) cell phone 64) Which field of study focuses on both a behavioral and technical understanding of information systems? A) sociology B) operations research C) economics D) management information systems 65) The three principal levels within a business organization hierarchy are A) senior management, operational management, and service workers. B) senior management, middle management, and operational management. C) senior management, operational management, and information systems. D) senior management, middle management, and service workers. 66) Engineers, scientists, or architects, who design new products or services for a firm, belong to which level of a business hierarchy? A) middle management B) production workers C) knowledge workers D) data workers 67) Which main business function is responsible for maintaining employee records? A) sales and marketing B) human resources C) finance and accounting D) manufacturing and production 68) Which of the following constitutes an organizational element in the UPS tracking system described in the chapter? A) the specification of procedures for identifying packages with sender and recipient information B) monitoring service levels C) promoting the company strategy of low- cost, superior service D) the use of handheld computers and networks for managing package delivery 69) A managerial element in the UPS tracking system described in the chapter is A) taking inventory. B) providing package status reports to customers. C) the decision to use automation. D) in- house package tracking software....
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