C data and telecommunications technology d

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Unformatted text preview: ich main business function? A) manufacturing and accounting B) finance and accounting C) sales and manufacturing D) finance and sales 45) Based on the examples in the chapter, if you were asked to formulate a plan for a regional drive- in restaurant chain'+s efforts to use information technology to develop a loyal customer base, what would be the best use of information technology from the list below? A) Use IT to increase supplier loyalty. B) Use IT to increase operational efficiency. C) Use IT to create new products and business models. D) Use IT to help survive government reporting requirements. E) Use IT to achieve customer intimacy. 46) Which of the following would not be a complementary asset for a solar panel manufacturer? A) international solar equipment certification standards B) government funding for green technology C) centralized hierarchical decision making D) innovation- driven management team 47) The temp agency that you own is having serious difficulties placing temps because few of them are familiar with Internet research. Investing in training software to enhance your workers'+ skills is an example of using technology to achieve which business objective? A) customer and supplier intimacy B) survival C) competitive advantage D) improved decision- making 48) In a business hierarchy, the level that is responsible for monitoring the daily activities of the business is A) middle management. B) service workers. C) production management. D) operational management. 49) Which of the following are environmental actors that interact with an organization and its information systems? A) customers B) suppliers C) regulatory agencies D) all of the above 50) From a business perspective, raw data is transformed systematically during various stages, transforming it into valuable information, in a process called A) the information value chain. B) the IT value chain. C) information processing. D) feedback. 51) A corporation that funds a political action committee, which in turn promotes and funds a political candidate who agrees with the values...
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