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A software packages b mashups c outsourced

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Unformatted text preview: ds and languages are referred to as A) Web services. B) EAI software. C) SOA. D) SOAP. 54) What is the foundation technology for Web services? A) XML B) HTML C) SOAP D) UDDI 55) A set of self-contained services that communicate with each other to create a working software application is called A) Web services. B) EAI software. C) SOA. D) SOAP. 56) Which of the following is NOT one of the current software platform trends? A) grid computing B) open source software C) mashups and apps D) software outsourcing 57) All of the following are contemporary and growing hardware platform trends except A) green computing. B) virtualization. C) cloud computing. D) Unix. 58) ________ are created by combining and customizing components from different online software applications. A) Apps B) Mashups C) SaaS D) Web services 59) Prewritten, commercially available sets of software programs that eliminate the need for a firm to write its own software programs for certain functions, are referred to as A) software packages. B) mashups. C) outsourced software. D) open source software. 60) Your firm needs to implement electronic timesheet software and needs to keep within a small budget. Which of the following would be the most costly method of implementing this new software? A) purchasing a software package B) programming the new software in-house C) leasing the software over the Internet D) outsourcing the software programming to an overseas vendor 61) The practice of contracting custom software development to an outside firm is commonly referred to as A) outsourcing. B) scaling. C) service-oriented architecture. D) application integration. 62) A formal contract between customers and their service providers that outlines the specific responsibilities of the service provider and to the customer is called a(n) A) SOA. B) SLA. C) TCO. D) RFQ. 63) SaaS refers to A) supplying online access over networks to storage devices and storage area network technology. B) managing combinations of applications, networks, systems, storage, and security as well as providing Web site and systems performance monitoring to subscribers over the Internet. C) hosting and managing access to software applications delivered over the Internet to clients on a subscription basis. D) none of the above. 64) Which of the following is NOT a challenge being faced by Salesforce.com, as discussed in the chapter case? A) increased competition from traditional industry leaders such as Microsoft and SAP B) continuing to differentiate its product and develop complementary new products and services C) maintaining 24/7 availability for clients D) moving into a more scalable, on-demand envir...
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