C integrate well using new web services technologies

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Unformatted text preview: ys that are not restricted by physical configuration or geographic location is called A) cloud computing. B) autonomic computing. C) virtualization. D) multicore processing. 44) Which type of computing refers to firms purchasing computing power from remote providers and paying only for the computing power they use? A) on-demand B) grid C) edge D) autonomic 45) An example of autonomic computing is A) spyware protection software that runs and updates itself automatically. B) software programmed to run on any hardware platform. C) cell phones taking on the functions of handheld computers. D) programming languages that allow non-programmers to create custom applications. 46) An industry-wide effort to develop systems that can configure, optimize, tune, and heal themselves when broken, and protect themselves from outside intruders and self-destruction is called A) grid computing. B) utility computing. C) virtualization. D) autonomic computing. 47) Which type of software is created and updated by a worldwide community of programmers and available for free? A) software packages B) mashups C) outsourced D) open source 48) Linux is A) primarily concerned with the tasks of end users. B) designed for specific machines and specific microprocessors. C) an example of open-source software. D) especially useful for processing numeric data. 49) Which of the following statements about Linux is NOT true? A) It plays a major role in the back office running local area networks. B) It is available in free versions downloadable from the Internet. C) It has garnered 80 percent of the server operating system market. D) Linux applications are embedded in cell phones, smartphones, netbooks, and other handheld devices. 50) Running a Java program on a computer requires A) a Java Virtual Machine to be installed on the computer. B) a Java Virtual Machine to be installed on the server hosting the Java applet. C) a miniature program to be downloaded to the user'+s computer. D) no specialized software, as Java is platform-independent. 51) A software tool with a graphical user interface for displaying Web pages and for accessing the Web and other Internet resources is called a Web A) service. B) client. C) browser. D) app. 52) Which of the following is a technique used to allow users to interact with a Web page without having to wait for the Web server to reload the Web page? A) UDDI B) widgets C) Ajax D) Java 53) Sets of loosely coupled software components that exchange information with each other using standard Web communication standar...
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