Items 3 and 4type of entity and file number identify

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Unformatted text preview: l documents. Items 3 and 4—Type of Entity and File Number: Identify the type of entity that is filing the assumed name. If there is not a check box that applies to the entity, check “other” and then specify the type of entity in the space provided. It is recommended that the file number, if any, assigned by the secretary of state be provided to facilitate processing of the document. Item 5—Jurisdiction: The certificate must state the jurisdiction of formation of the entity filing the assumed name certificate. Item 6—Principal Office Address: Provide the street or mailing address of entity’s principal office. Item 7—Period of Duration: An assumed name certificate is effective for a term not to exceed a period of ten years from the date of filing the certificate. Check the applicable box to specify the duration which the entity determines should be the duration of the filing of the assumed name certificate. The entity may opt to make the duration the maximum period of ten years, a period of less than ten years or until a date certain which date is not more than ten years from the date of filing. Item 8—County or Counties in which the Assumed Name Used: The assumed name certificate is required to state the counties in which the assumed name will be used. If the entity will potentially use the assumed name in all counties in Texas, check the box for “All.” If the entity wishes to exclude certain counties but will use the assumed names in most counties, check the box for “All counties with the exception of the following counties” and list the excluded counties. If the entity will only conduct business in specific counties, check the box for “Only the following counties” and list those specific counties. County Level Filings: An assumed name certificate will not be required to be filed in each county listed or each county in which the entity condu...
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