4 addressing climate change can enhance your companys

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Unformatted text preview: at fail to do so, it can be a fundamental threat. 4. Addressing climate change can enhance your company’s reputation. A company’s “intangible value”—its knowledge, its brand value, and its reputation with its employees, customers, investors, and key stakeholders—can account for more than 50 percent of its value4. Whether and how a company addresses climate change increasingly contributes to its intangible value. It affects its value chain and key markets. It affects how the public regards its brand—either as a responsible company helping to solve a key environmental problem facing society or as a company seeking short-term profits at society’s expense. It affects how its employees regard it and its ability to maintain a quality workforce in competitive labor markets. It also affects how investors regard the company. 5. Addressing climate change can enhance shareholder value. Innovest Strategic Value Advisors conducted a study entitled Carbon Beta© and Equity Performance: Moving From Disclosure to Performance5 to evaluate the relation­ ship among climate change, companies’ ability to mana...
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