All businesses regardless of size or type can easily

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Unformatted text preview: s of ES qualified products have the opportunity to expand their markets, build consumer loyalty, and gain recognition as environmental leaders. Retailers can increase sales and customer loyalty by promoting the sales of ENERGY STAR qualified products. In addition, ENERGY STAR provides a powerful platform for utilities and other energy efficiency program sponsors to boosting the efficacy and reducing the costs of their energy efficiency programs. Currently, more than 1,300 manufacturers and 1,600 retailers and energy efficiency program sponsors are realizing the benefits of partnering with ENERGY STAR. All businesses, regardless of size or type, can easily reduce energy costs and boost employee morale by implementing an Energy Star purchasing policy or participating in national campaigns like Change a Light, Change the World. Services: EPA and its manufacturing partners develop specifications for products. EPA provides the ENERGY STAR logo, marketing resources, sales training materials, and sponsors a number of product-specific national campaigns through which manufacturers, retail­ er...
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