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Unformatted text preview: /formulat/index.htm Contact Information: David DiFiore (202) 564-8796 Description: The Design for the Environment (DfE) Safer Product Recognition Program allows use of its label on products made with the safest possible ingredients that are cost-effective and high-performance. Energy efficiency is also a key attribute. The redesign of chemi­ cal products offers important opportunities to remove polluting chemicals from for­ mulations before they can enter the workplace, home, or environment, and to advance energy and water efficiency, resource conservation, and innovative technologies. Business case: Retailers, governmental purchasing entities, and others are increasingly demanding that their suppliers provide DfE-labeled products. DfE-labeled safer concentrates save companies money and reduce generation of GHGs in transport. Cold-water detergents save consumers money and reduce generation of GHGs in the use phase. Safer product design not only reduces potential chemical management liability, but achieving DfE recognition serves as an important indicia of a company’s environmental leadership and sustainability achievements. Services: DfE offers companies access to EPA’s...
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