By implementing technologies and practices to reduce

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Unformatted text preview: m allows EPA to maintain a record of successful methane emissions reduc­ tion strategies. Business case: Participation in Natural Gas STAR offers quantifiable environmental benefits, but also provides opportunities for partners to improve operational efficiency, increase revenues, and enhance their competitive edge in the natural gas marketplace. Some Natural Gas STAR partners report saving millions of dollars a year worth of natural gas by imple­ menting the leak reduction technologies and practices encouraged by the program. By implementing technologies and practices to reduce methane emissions from their opera­ tions, companies are able to direct that methane back into the system, often leading to an increase in revenue. Services: To assist partners in implementing the Natural Gas STAR Program, EPA draws upon the wealth of partner-provided information and presents its partners with many opportuni­ ties to learn about methane emissions reductions technologies and techniques. Resources available to all Gas STAR partners include: detailed information on technologies and practices to reduce methane emis...
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