Climate change is increasingly a priority for

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Unformatted text preview: ngly a priority for consumers and investors. Ultimately, business­ es must respond to the priorities of their consumers and investors, as represented by their purchase and investment decisions. The Business Opportunity Energy represents a major cost but also a major oppor­ tunity for American business. American businesses and consumers are realizing that getting the most out of their energy dollars just makes sense. By making smart energy choices, millions of household and business energy con­ sumers save billions of dollars each year. In 2006 alone, with the help of EPA’s ENERGY STAR® program, Ameri­ cans saved $14 billion on their energy bills while prevent­ ing the GHG emissions equivalent to 25 million vehicles. Companies can benefit in two ways: 1) By addressing climate impacts in their own operations and driving waste out of manufacturing, transport, and delivery functions. 2) Carving out a share of the growing market in more efficient, cleaner products and services. The Value of...
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