Dfe has recognized 500 products and as of 2007

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Unformatted text preview: unique chemical assessment tools and expertise. DfE provides manufacturers with information on chemical characteristics and toxicities of raw materials and additives, safer substitutes for chemicals of concern, and innova­ tive new chemistries. DfE offers product review and recognition for a variety of formu­ lations, from concentrated cleaning products to anti-corrosion conversion coatings. Value to environment: DfE partnerships result in significant reduction in the handling, use and environmental release of chemicals of concern, which may have an adverse effect on human health, aquatic life, and ecosystems. DfE has recognized 500 products and, as of 2007, reduced the use of chemicals of concern by approximately 80 million pounds and reduced the generation of GHGs. Sectors most applicable: Chemical manufacturing; grocers; hospitality; hospitals; retailers Business Guide to 16 A .S. EPA Climate Partnership Programs U TM Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) Business Value: 3 q C...
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