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Unformatted text preview: ce Jun2005 Sep2005 Dec2005 Mar2006 Above Average Innovest Rating (World) Why EPA Partnership Programs? EPA Partnership Programs offer participating companies a wide variety of valuable services and resources to reduce GHGs. Benchmarking and Recognition Jun2006 Sep2006 Dec2006 Mar2007 Jun2007 Below Average Innovest Rating (World) the business community. Through these programs, EPA has forged thousands of collaborative partnerships with ad­ vocacy organizations, research organizations, community groups, business associations, professional associations, utilities, universities, schools, and state and local govern­ ments. For those firms interested in environmental performance benchmarking and public recognition, EPA is uniquely positioned to help communicate your commitment and ac­ tions credibly to a wide local, state, regional, national, and international audience. Through the EPA Climate Leaders Program, for example, your company can create a last­ ing record of its GHG emissions reduction activities and accomplishments, and it can identify itself as a corpora...
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